New Patients

When you arrive at one of our three locations, you will be greeted by one of our friendly and professional receptionists. Please click on our “New Patient Forms” link on the right to download, print and complete the necessary paperwork to bring in for your first visit. This is a great timesaver and we appreciate your doing so.

Next you will see the doctor to review all of the information, discuss your health-related problems, concerns and lifestyle issues relevant to your current condition.

After your consultation is complete, the doctor will do a complete neurological and orthopedic evaluation and a thorough chiropractic examination as well. The results of these tests will enable the doctor to determine if x-rays are necessary.

Your treatment will consist of a variety of chiropractic techniques based on your individual needs. This may include spinal adjustments and physiotherapies such as moist heat packs, ultra-sound, traction and electrical muscle stim therapy.

Most patients will receive specific instructions about certain activities and/or procedures to be done at home. This could include ice or heat application instructions, eliminating certain activities or positions, as well as home exercises.

Your follow up visit will be scheduled for the following day; at that time the doctor will review your report of findings and recommend a tailored Wellness Program to follow on a consistent basis. You are now on your way to achieving optimal wellness!