Richard Zabowski – Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Richard Zabowski grew up in New Jersey then moved to Atlanta in 1988. He attended Life College and received his Chiropractic License in 2000. He joined Kostas Chiropractic in 2005 and has been working as a chiropractor for a total of 12 years.

At the age of 28, Richard began having pain in his neck and arm and sought out a local medical doctor to help with this condition. After being told he needed surgery, he was discouraged with this option and decided to see a chiropractor; this doctor recommended getting spinal adjustments and physical therapy to manage his pain. After only a few weeks of this regime, Richard was 100% PAIN FREE. He was so impressed with the results of this experience, this became the sole inspiration for his becoming a chiropractor.

Dr. Zabowski utilizes a combination of activator method, manual adjusting and the use of the drop table when working on his patients. Due to his extensive experience as a youth coach he now specializes in sports injuries at Kostas Chiropractic. His philosophy is to educate his patients about health issues and the importance of being committed to their customized Wellness Program.

He currently resides on a small farm (including chickens!) in Suwanee with his wife and their two sons. As an animal lover, they consider their two dogs and one cat to be a part of their family. During his time off, Dr. Zabowski enjoys providing coaching and athletic training for boys aged 8-15. His own love of sports during his time as a college athlete in the SEC contributed to his passion of coaching.